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About Job Fairs

Job fairs are a common platform for recruting people in several industries. Even though they are so common, they seem to have fallen behind the curve in embracing technological advancements. When recruiters have moved along technologically, most of the job fairs run in a fully traditional way creating a significant disadvantage for the job seekers.

Marketing distractions

People looking to sell to job seekers will be hovering around. It hard to focus on putting your best foot forward when others are in the way selling their stuff to you.

Lack of Information

There is usually a very severe lack of information about what is available. And at the job fair, if you spend time finding information, then you have less time to interview many employers. This shortage of time has the side effect of making it hard to stand out to employers.

No Preparation Tips

Traditional interviews via referrals could have this advantage they help focus the thinking of the interviewee by letting the job-seeker think about the things they want to highlight. This does not happen in job fairs, reducing the chance for making a good hires.

How Job Fair Insider Helps

We can solve these problems by providing a platform for apropriate information sharing among candidates.

Having collaborative information sharing between candidates helps improve the effectiveness of job-fairs for both job seekers and recruiters.

More Information

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